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The Vienna Rag (Cake Walk à la "Strauss")..1905..Paul Ruben

This a well written rag in which the composer was influenced by the music of Strauss. Apart from the usual suspects, I'm not familiar with  Strauss's music so I can't identify which passages he'd "Staussified". The piano score was in F, I've arranged it in G which makes it a good banjo solo. I've included the score and MP3 in this discussion and they'll be added to the library later...Steve.…See More
Steve Harrison posted a discussion

Borneo Rag (An Oriental Pastime)..1911..Neil Moret aka Charles N. Daniels

This a fine example of an oriental style rag from Daniels. If you follow my suggested fingering, it's not too challenging to play. I've included the score and MP3  which will be added to the library later...Steve.See More
Steve Harrison posted a discussion

The Diablo Rag (A Rag Fantasie) 1908..Dorothy Ingersol Wahl

This is one of my experimental arrangements of tune that you wouldn't normally expect to hear played on the banjo. The composer was a Vaudeville Artist at the beginning of the last century and this is her only known composition. I've included the score and MP3 with this post to be added to the library later. It was a challenge to arrive at something playable and I'm reasonably pleased with the result. It may not be to everyone's taste...Steve.…See More
Feb 18
Steve Harrison posted a discussion

Goblins(Grand Gallop De Concert) 1915..Harry J. Lincoln

This aptly described tune makes a good banjo solo that 'gallops' away apace.  The piano score was written in Eb/Ab, I've arranged it for banjo in C/F. It's very much old school and wouldn't have sounded out of place played by one of the past banjo masters. Musically it's not too challenging but will probably need some practice to get up to speed, in particular for me with my aged fingers!. The score and midi are included with this discussion and will be added to the library later when the…See More
Feb 13
Steve Harrison posted a discussion

Some Rag (A Real Live One)..1914..Willie Eckstein

The composer of this excellent rag was Canadian and was a pianist and composer. His biography on Wikipedia is worth a read. My suggested fingering leans towards melodic style in parts with the use of open strings. The midi and score is included with this discussion and will be added to the library when the storage issues have been resolved...Steve.See More
Feb 11
Rob Mairs left a comment for Steve Harrison
"Hello Steve. Today I bought a Clifford Essex XX Special from Rob MacKillop.  It's a beauty.  No more excuses for me."
Feb 7
Rob Mairs and Steve Harrison are now friends
Feb 7
Steve Harrison posted a discussion

Everybody's Rag..1909..Dan Goldsmith & Robert D.Sharp

This is a very good composition and the third of Goldsmith's published rags, it differs from the usual ragtime formula with the use of staccato in the 3rd and final parts. I've rewritten the third part to make it more banjo friendly. I've included the score and midi on this post and they'll be added to the library when Ian has sorted out the storage issues..Steve.See More
Feb 6
Steve Harrison posted a discussion

Checker Rag..1911..Dan Goldsmith.

Goldsmith was a Canadian composer who has at least two other rags published. This one is a real test for the fingers although I've set the midi at a slightly lower tempo than recommended. There are many permutations for the fingering on this, in particular the chromatic runs,  I've added my suggested fingering and having played through it several times, it works for me. I've posted the midi and score which will be added to the library after Ian has sorted out the storage issues...Steve.…See More
Feb 4
Steve Harrison posted a discussion

The Dixie Guards (Patrol March & Two Step)..1900..Paul Rubens.

This is a corker of a tune and one that could have been written for banjo. It's the second arrangement that I've written of a tune by Paul Rubens. There are currently storage issues with the library files which Ian is endeavouring to sort so I've included a pdf of the score and MP3 on this post until they can be added to the library....Steve.See More
Jan 30
Steve Harrison posted a discussion

A Rural Festival (A Barn dance)..1908..Frank Hoyt Losey

This is my favourite arrangement of the current batch and in my opinion the best of them. I liken it to The Sunflower Dance on steroids! Despite the unflattering title, it's a well written composition that makes a very good banjo solo and is a must try tune. The piano score is written in F/Bb, I've arranged it in G/C as it suits the banjo much better. The score and midi are in the library....Steve. …See More
Jan 28
Lloyd Blakley commented on Steve Harrison's photo

Marc's problem

"One simple solution for rough hook threads is to apply a bead of Elmers or Titebond glue to the end of them. One thick coat usually works but add more coats if needed. The glue can alway be loosened and removed with a water soaked rag if need be."
Jan 28
Steve Harrison posted a discussion

The Wyoming Prance (Rag Two-Step)..1910..Kerry Mills

I came across this tune whilst looking through a list Kerry Mill's published music and it was one I'd not heard before. The score that I used was in D however I arranged it in C as it suited the banjo better. It's a good example of ragtime and would possibly benefit from being played with a second banjo part. The score and midi are in the library...Steve.See More
Jan 25
Steve Harrison posted a discussion

El Mate Doncella (The Tingling Tang That Tones)..1914..Hugh Harper aka H.H.McSkimming.

This is a catchy novelty tune and judging by the title and his alias, the composer seems to have had a sense of humour! I couldn't find a translation for the title other than that mate is a popular 'herbal' drink in South America, (hence the alliterative title perhaps) and Doncella is a Spanish word for a young lady. The piano score is in C but G works better on the banjo. The scoreand midi are in the library...Steve.…See More
Jan 24
Steve Harrison posted a discussion

Brown Paper (A Rag-Time Oddity)..1914..George Bryer

Despite its uninspiring title, this is an excellent composition. Bryer was a classically trained Australian singer and composer who published 23 other pieces of music. It's not strictly ragtime but non the less it makes a  good banjo solo albeit challenging in parts. The piano score is in G but my arrangement in C better suited the banjo.The score and midi are in the library.…See More
Jan 18
Steve Harrison replied to Steve Harrison's discussion Buster brown..1898..Roger Bernard.
"Hi Marc, the picture was probably a British representation of Buster..Steve."
Jan 18

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Steve Harrison

Hi all, Just a bit about myself. I live in the beautiful town of Malvern in Worcestershire, England. I have been playing classic and melodic style banjo for more years than I care to recall. I play an Alfred Weaver banjo made around 1903 and a Windsor popular made 1914ish. As well as banjo, my other instrument is piano accordion, not very fashionable these days but great for playing tradtional music, my main passion. I play occasionally for local Morris Dance sides arround Malvern. Having reached the grand old age of 60, I am semi retired which leaves me more time for my music and my other love, my two grandchildren. I'm about to start teaching my 7 year old grandson the Uke as an entry into greater things. If there are any other players in or near my location, please make contact...Steve.

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At 6:35 on December 29, 2010, Sylvia said…
Hi Steve, I'm a bit nearer to you than Rob, but still a longish way away , I'm on the Isle of Wight.    Was interested to read that you played for Morris. I am a member of the local Oyster Girls Ladies Morris team.  Might just bump into you at one of the Folk Festivals , don't yet know which ones we are doing this year though.   All the Best.  Sylvia.
At 8:57 on December 30, 2010, Sylvia said…
Hi Steve,the oyster girls were at Upton last year. I am only a beginner at Banjo and have found this site very helpful. I have also had a few lessons with Rob over the internet, great stuff this new technology. Will look out for you at any Festivals I go to. I have heard Rochester mentioned for this coming year. All the best. Sylvia
At 17:49 on February 8, 2012, Alan Sims said…

hi Steve ,ive just had my clifford essex frets redressed and set up .it sounds lovely and so much easier to play .ive got medium gauge strings .ive been playing about a year .would i be ready for a heavier set ,and would this change the action .how often sould change them i practice every day' regards Alan

At 17:56 on February 8, 2012, Alan Sims said…

how often should i change strings i practice every day regards Alan

At 20:13 on March 4, 2012, Tim Walsh said…

Hi Steve,


I've only recently been made aware of Classic Banjo through meeting another member David Greenwood.

I've only been playing a relatively short while and have been learning bluegrass.

I'm looking to broaden my playing skills in to claw hammer and Classic styles and from what I've seen of the tutorials on this site so far I think I'm in the right place.






At 7:31 on May 21, 2012, Mike Redman said…

Hi Steve, have you thought about transposing/arranging A Ragtime Dance (Scott Joplin) for the banjo, I was listening to it the other day, now can't get the tune off of my mind!

At 10:35 on June 20, 2012, Alan Sims said…

thanks for the tip Steve, that makes sence.three lines above .E. cheers.

At 11:13am on August 28, 2012, Alan Sims gave Steve Harrison a gift
Thanks Steve.It sounds great.
At 8:59am on September 19, 2012, thereallyniceman gave Steve Harrison a gift
I would personally like to thank Steve for all the work he has done on producing new arrangements for Classic Banjo and making them available for us all. Check out all his scores in the MUSIC LIBRARY.
At 4:23pm on November 30, 2012, thereallyniceman gave Steve Harrison a gift

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