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HELP NEEDED. Anyone know anything about D. J. LLewellyn ?

I am trying to find any information on banjoist DJ (“Jack”) Llewellyn and his son. Jack Llewellyn Senior played with Bertini's Band at the…

Started by thereallyniceman in Classic BanjoLatest Reply

John Field Memorial BMG LIBRARY- UPDATED

Recently a banjo friend offered a very large number of BMG magazines to help fill the gaps in the John Field LIBRARY.  After a LOT of work…

Started by thereallyniceman in Classic BanjoLatest Reply

Spammer Attack on Classic Banjo Ning

I would like to warn all CB NING members about a spammer who slipped through our very strict security. If you receive a message from a pers…

Started by thereallyniceman in Classic BanjoLatest Reply

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"Drowsy Dempsey", Ossman plays Lansing...

This is a tune I've been playing for some time now (never very well, of course). It popped up on youtube out of nowhere today...and I've ne…

Started by Trapdoor2 in Classic Banjo

1 on Tuesday
Reply by Joel Hooks

Sneaky Shuffles (1910)...Henry Lodge

This is one of HL's lesser known tunes and one I hadn't heard before. The grace notes as shown on the piano score were virtually unplayable…

Started by Steve Harrison in Classic Banjo

0 on Tuesday

Second banjo part

Hi there...just wondering if anyone could supply me with a cassette tape with banjo seconds on...? Just to help me with my timing...the ban…

Started by Jim lee in Classic Banjo

3 on Tuesday
Reply by Jim lee

Scarecrow Rag..1911..William Burdette Morrison.

This the second tune by Morrison that I've arranged, the first being Jolly Darkies and in my opinion this is the better of the two. I've ke…

Started by Steve Harrison in Classic Banjo

0 on Monday

BMG Festival 1949

This may be of interest... the sound starts about 2:15 and cuts out before the end.  It looks to be the raw…

Started by Brett Lowe in Classic Banjo

7 Nov 21
Reply by Richard William Ineson

Roseland Romance by Norton Greenop

Started by Richard William Ineson in Classic Banjo

11 Nov 21
Reply by Trapdoor2

Banjo On Record

I came across this reference book on records featuring banjo. It has an introduction detailing the pioneers of recorded banjo music and is…

Started by Edward Bettega in Classic Banjo

1 Nov 17
Reply by Brett Lowe

4th string sympathetic resonance

Hi all, what is your experience with sympathetic resonance from the 4th string? I ask this question with an awareness that some open string…

Started by Ethan Schwartz in Classic Banjo

2 Nov 16

A Night In Egypt (Oriental Foxtrot)..1917..Charles R. Shibley

This is a one off, self published composition by a composer about whom I could find no information. It's typical of the genre that was popu…

Started by Steve Harrison in Classic Banjo

3 Nov 14
Reply by Jody Stecher

3 miniatures

Hi all, These days I´ve exploring a YouTube playlist (a really fun one) with a lot of classic reprertoire, and I listened to a piece from…

Started by German David Patarroyo in Classic Banjo

7 Nov 10
Reply by German David Patarroyo


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