Firstly in response to Chris's post "Merry Christmas to Ian, The Really Nice Man" and indeed to all the other posts that I have not yet had chance to read, I would like to personally and on behalf of Lynn, and my son David, say that we are all humbled and delighted that the effort put in to promote Classic Banjo is appreciated.  I always describe the website as being like a swan gliding gracefully and serenely across a lake.. but under the water the legs are thrashing away furiously to keep things going  :-)

David, Lynn and I are the legs. David doing the clever stuff that you see and don't see, me doing the donkey work and Lynn for just being there :-)

BUT things may have to change a bit for a while, as I MAY be forced to look for another banjo/ computer geek to take over the running of the site. I don't know what the future holds yet, but to put you in the picture, I was rushed to hospital on Christmas Eve with severe chest pains after I suffered multiple blood clots in both lungs. Not a pleasant experience, and will be quite a long recovery process. The medical profession have said that sitting in front of a computer is not encouraged as the clots may have originated from DVTs in my legs, so for a while I may not be around on site.

Please keep the posts coming, and Chris, the 1/1 Banjo World is amazing, so thank you very much indeed..I would love to add other copies in a viewer for all to see, but it may be a while.

So for a bit until I know what is happening... 


 A Happy New Year and let's all make it a Classic Banjoistic one!!

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Dear Ian, Lynn and David,

Jeeziz, well that's not a very Merry Christmas at all; my warmest and most concerned of wishes and thoughts to you for a thorough recuperation, rest and recovery, to say the very least. I hope you get to the bottom of your health difficulties and of course don't worry about the site; you've already all done the work of dozens as it is.

Again, my very best and warmest of wishes to you all — and hopefully for something of a happy new year, despite the circumstances,

Ian :

I'm so sorry to learn of your "Christmas Eve surprise". Regaining your health is your first priority and if that means no longer managing this site, then so be it.

Like many others, I can't thank you, Lynn and David enough for the superb site you have built and maintained. It is hands down the best Classic Banjo site on the web, and a testament to your creative energy, organization skills and love for all things Classic Banjo.

Please accept my sincere wishes for your full and speedy recovery. All the best.


Sad experience ...

 full and speedy recovery , too  .

All the best. @+marc

I am shocked and speechless as this news is unexpected. My best wishes to you and Lynn and all your family. Until you heal,  the rest of us will keep the site going in our plodding meandering way.


Wow. Miz Diane and I send our best thoughts and wishes for your quick and complete recovery.

If I were a composer, I would pen something like "The DVT Mazurka" to keep your legs moving!

Ian, I'm so sorry to hear this.

My thoughts and prayers will be with you and Lynn and David.

Please get well....we need have you available as a person and Classic Banjo coach, etc....even if you aren't available on site as much.

If sitting at the computer is not a good thing in this situation, have you asked the Dr. about sitting in different positions or with different chairs for leg position so that possibly playing the banjo will not be as chancy as sitting at the computer?

I hope so.  At least then, you can keep playing as you start feeling better, and surely that will help you in your recovery.


Very best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery......John

Keep cool Ian, I had a triple by pass in 2010 and I'm OK now, but it takes it out of you and it will take time to regain your strength. Too much computer is definitely bad for anyone, physically and mentally, I'm trimming my computer, and other activities in the new year. Look after yourself.


What awful news!  How dreadful for you!  We all wish you the best for a speedy and total recovery. 


P.S. Maestro Tapis d'Orient has asked me to forward his best wishes.  He says he has some contacts who may be able to do something about it.  I'm not sure what he means, but when you're from the Fabulous East, almost anything is possible. 

Ian, I'm so sorry to hear this and hope you have a quick and strong recovery. If you do decide you need help running the site, I'm both young and tech savvy, and I've got the time. I'd be more than happy to get involved.

Ian, I can attest to the fact that the computer takes its toll on you. But it is an addiction of something you like to do so it is a double crush to be told not to do it. You will continue to sneak in bits of time to complete your legacy here on earth before you go. No one can live forever so you have to do what gives you the most pleasure while you are here. Through pain and guilt for doing it, I hope you continue the incredible work you have done for classic banjo but on a modified desire to be all things banjo. If I can help, let me know. Speedy recovery, friend.

OH NO!  That is terrible news!  I hope for a speedy recovery.

Yes, John is not only both young and savvy-- he is a heck of a nice guy.

AFA banjo playing, the bluegrassers and old timers use a belt that they loop over their shoulder to attach the banjo to them.  This allows them to stand around in parking lots to play.  Perhaps a banjo belt and treadmill will allow continuous practice?

Your presence (and English wit) will be missed, but we will take what we can get from you.

Get well soon!

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