Does anyone have the published copy of this that they would be willing to scan and share?  I have two manuscript versions but I am looking for a published edition.

English published C notation is fine. 

The Stewart published A notation would be fine as well.

Thanks in advance.

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All I have is a spindly hard-to-read manuscript in C notation.

I too only have a spindly copy!

See attached.


The ABF shows "Glenside" is available in a version published by Stern. I'd give Becky a shout and see if it hasn't been Xeroxed to death.

All I have is the spindles.

Hi Joel, If you check the music library, I've posted a transcription of Eno's manuscript plus the midi. I've also added fret numbers and position indicators using a blend of classic/melodic style fingering. I've changed the triplets in bars 59/60 from single notes to chords as it makes them slightly easier to play other than that, it's pretty much as Eno intended. It's a great march and one that I hadn't heard before and is definitely on my 'to play' list...Steve.

The Van Eps arrangement is on this site in the tutor book department, 'Van Eps Banjo Solos'. I did the 'spindly copy' many years ago for my own use and before the computer music writing programmes had been invented. 'March Glenside' is one of the really good banjo march tunes alongside Gregory's 'L'Infanta' and some of the Morley marches.

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