We have at last completed a biography for Bert Bassett.  It can be found in Player Biographies.  It is based on an obituary writted by Clifford Essex for BMG in 1937, with some corrections, clarifications and additions.

For those of you who would like to download a version of the bio, I have attached a .pdf file.

If anyone has any additional information or comments, let me know and we will ammend accordingly.


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I've had a copy of Halimar for some time and found just as you did Jody that one strain sounds like the chorus to "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" played at a gallop.

Many thanks to Jody and Shawn for the MP3s. Initially the audio would not play but I have experimented with different software code and it now seems to work but with a slight delay before playing.... how is it for you?  It seems to have been another bug on the NING server.

Old Bert was quite a player!!

COON SLUMBERS by Bert Bassett
DREAM DANCE by Bert Bassett
GOBLIN GAMBOLS by Bert Bassett
HALIMAR by Bert Bassett

I'm getting very little delay, Ian...less than a second. All the buttons work nicely. All the tunes play!

Playback here is instant.

Bert Bassett  wrote quite a few banjo tunes, I still play (or rather, what passes for playing these day) 'Jumbo Rag' and Mike Redman used to play 'On the Ganges' a good tune which I think was recorded by Bill Ball. BB also arranged a lot of, at the time, popular songs which appeared as music supplements in the B.M.G. during the 1920s/30s. BB was also a Clifford Essex pierrot pre WW1, he appeared with the CE pierrot troupe led by Kate Moss at Le Touquet.

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