Firstly in response to Chris's post "Merry Christmas to Ian, The Really Nice Man" and indeed to all the other posts that I have not yet had chance to read, I would like to personally and on behalf of Lynn, and my son David, say that we are all humbled and delighted that the effort put in to promote Classic Banjo is appreciated.  I always describe the website as being like a swan gliding gracefully and serenely across a lake.. but under the water the legs are thrashing away furiously to keep things going  :-)

David, Lynn and I are the legs. David doing the clever stuff that you see and don't see, me doing the donkey work and Lynn for just being there :-)

BUT things may have to change a bit for a while, as I MAY be forced to look for another banjo/ computer geek to take over the running of the site. I don't know what the future holds yet, but to put you in the picture, I was rushed to hospital on Christmas Eve with severe chest pains after I suffered multiple blood clots in both lungs. Not a pleasant experience, and will be quite a long recovery process. The medical profession have said that sitting in front of a computer is not encouraged as the clots may have originated from DVTs in my legs, so for a while I may not be around on site.

Please keep the posts coming, and Chris, the 1/1 Banjo World is amazing, so thank you very much indeed..I would love to add other copies in a viewer for all to see, but it may be a while.

So for a bit until I know what is happening... 


 A Happy New Year and let's all make it a Classic Banjoistic one!!

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Dear Ian - so sorry to hear that you were in hospital over Xmas.  I hope you are making a good recovery and are over the worst.  We will keep on posting - this site is such a great resource, thank you!

Wishing you and your family all the best, Carrie.    

It might be worth mentioning that I've seen people use computers whilst seated on an exercise bike. Legs keep moving (not particularly vigorously ) and computer work gets done. Others do it standing as they walk in place.  I use a computer seated but have been advised to get up often and walk around. Which I do.

I just popped in to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my friends and everyone who visits the website.

Thanks for all the best wishes. I will probably be "off line" for a few weeks while I recover, but it will give me time to plan other good stuff to share on site.

Thank you all.. the kind messages are making me feel better already :-)

Happy New Year, Ian! Thanks so much for what you do with the site. It's a wonderful resource.
Ian, I am doing some catch up and have just read your post. I had no idea the problems you are having. That is quite a bit of a scare! I'm glad you are getting the care you need and some much needed rest. I wish you and your family a belated Merry Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year.

Jackie Cook

Hi Ian, Lynn & Dave,

I feel awful for not checking the site so often and only seeing the sad news now -- you have been a veritable force of nature in the Classic Banjo world over the years and your efforts as a performer, arranger, film director and webmaster to drag CB kicking and screaming into the 21st century have been second to none, so I daresay it's time for some well-deserved rest now!

Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery!

Hi I am new to the site but want to wish you well and congratulate you on a uniquely inspiring website!

Yikes! Take care of yourself Ian, you have a community of pickers pulling for you. 

Good luck, Ian. I'm sure you'll be back soon, keeping us right! Take care.

sitting on a bouncy ball , tai chi except it takes long to learn, just walking fantastic , glad you are well .

I must have been in a cocoon as I missed the information that you were under the weather. Your picture above belies that you are ill as you look fine except for those tubes in your arms. Prayers are with you in a speedy recovery. Have enjoyed your efforts for the Classic site and spent many moments enjoying the playing of all those who post. Recovery may be slow but it is a great option. Again...a healthy recovery.

Dick Bugdal

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