What is the best method to tie strings to a no-knot tailpiece?  I have a banjo which came strung with nylaguts and I want to replace the fourth with a silverwound (however, it looks too narrow!). Or is it better to get a different type of tailpiece.  I love the one on my CE Special - so easy to use.

Here is the tailpiece and a rescued knot!  Wish I hadn't started tinkering now....I haven't got the necessary Scout's skills….

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Thanks Marc

This is not an alternative to the Fielding except in the sense that it is a tailpiece.  The sound of a banjo with one or the other of these tailpieces will be different from each other. Which is better is subjective.  I don't understand  why Deering calls this "knotless". The strings shown in their photos have loops. They were made with a "knot", albeit by a machine. For a soft string suitable for Classic Banjo playing, a knot will have to be tied to make a loop, just as with the Fielding tailpiece.. A true "no knot" type tailpiece requires no loop or tying. 

carrie horgan said:

The Fielding looks like a nice tailpiece - only available in US, I think.  This one by Deering looks like a possible alternative: https://www.eaglemusicshop.com/prod/banjo-tailpieces/deering-knot-l...

Yes, the 'knot-less' name makes no sense.  However, it does look easier - you can just tie a normal size loop over the post.

I've been practicing with string and watching fishing videos (who knew).  I like the 'double overhand knot' best :): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4drj5c4JwxI 

Maybe they just misspelled the name and it should be 'not-less' :-)

Hi carrie, Just thought I'd upload this photo of tailpiece string tying on my Weaver.


Thanks Rob, I think the Clifford Essex company sell one like this.  

I should sit down and cut some more of these out.  Bridges and thimbles have kept my shop time dominated.  I wanted to make more of the step stools as there was some interest there as well.

Unfortunate I run a small factory that provides a key component to testing labs and the food supply chain.  I've been working overtime with a skeleton crew (actually running machines all day instead of punching keys on a computer).

Oh to be able to "shelter in place" and build up some inventory... 

Trapdoor2 said:

My favorite:

Available from Mr. Joel Hooks @ https://www.banjothimble.com/shop/banjo-tailpieces.html

CE Music has a few types, like this Weaver-looking thingy: http://cliffordessex.net/index.php?_a=viewProd&productId=1222

Hi Joel - yes, the COVID crisis is causing all sorts of disruption - a thumbs-up for your hard work.  I am a health worker so keeping busy and adapting to remote working from home.  It was very nice to receive the latest ABF newsletter in the post yesterday and have a welcome tea-break.  I am a postal subscriber as I look forward to opening the envelope and seeing what is inside!  Interesting article on Horace Weston.

This thread so to speak) helped me tie knots in nylgut to replace the steel strings on the XX - Ian's video made it easy! I was pleased when the 3rd and 2nd strings tuned up without a problem. The 1st string loop, however, broke. Its knot stayed secure, but there must be rough snags in the metal no-knot tp. I believe nylgut is prone to tearing with metal snags. But I wanted to try with nylgut before trying more expensive gut. 

What also annoyed me about the no-knot tp was the very narrow space between each post, hardly room for the part of the loop that does not go through the middle of the post (or whatever those things are called). 

So I'm on the hunt for an alternative tp that I can fit without requiring special tooling. Joel's tps are excellent but too early for this banjo. 

Also worth mentioning, though hard to come to terms with, is with each change of steel string to nylgut, the banjo sound became somewhat diminished. It really seems to suit steel strings. Hmm...

Regarding the last short paragraph, the ebony-topped hard bridge wouldn’t bring the best out of the nylgut. So, I need to get a CE bridge and a better tailpiece. Only then, when it is properly set up, will I be able to fairly compare the two types of strings. 

That was exactly my thought when I read it. Ebony capped bridges tend to make nylgut sound weak.

Is CE operating again? I thought they closed down.

The son has a UK eBay shop. 

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