What is the best method to tie strings to a no-knot tailpiece?  I have a banjo which came strung with nylaguts and I want to replace the fourth with a silverwound (however, it looks too narrow!). Or is it better to get a different type of tailpiece.  I love the one on my CE Special - so easy to use.

Here is the tailpiece and a rescued knot!  Wish I hadn't started tinkering now....I haven't got the necessary Scout's skills….

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Thanks Marc

This is not an alternative to the Fielding except in the sense that it is a tailpiece.  The sound of a banjo with one or the other of these tailpieces will be different from each other. Which is better is subjective.  I don't understand  why Deering calls this "knotless". The strings shown in their photos have loops. They were made with a "knot", albeit by a machine. For a soft string suitable for Classic Banjo playing, a knot will have to be tied to make a loop, just as with the Fielding tailpiece.. A true "no knot" type tailpiece requires no loop or tying. 

carrie horgan said:

The Fielding looks like a nice tailpiece - only available in US, I think.  This one by Deering looks like a possible alternative: https://www.eaglemusicshop.com/prod/banjo-tailpieces/deering-knot-l...

Yes, the 'knot-less' name makes no sense.  However, it does look easier - you can just tie a normal size loop over the post.

I've been practicing with string and watching fishing videos (who knew).  I like the 'double overhand knot' best :): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4drj5c4JwxI 

Maybe they just misspelled the name and it should be 'not-less' :-)

Hi carrie, Just thought I'd upload this photo of tailpiece string tying on my Weaver.


Thanks Rob, I think the Clifford Essex company sell one like this.  

I should sit down and cut some more of these out.  Bridges and thimbles have kept my shop time dominated.  I wanted to make more of the step stools as there was some interest there as well.

Unfortunate I run a small factory that provides a key component to testing labs and the food supply chain.  I've been working overtime with a skeleton crew (actually running machines all day instead of punching keys on a computer).

Oh to be able to "shelter in place" and build up some inventory... 

Trapdoor2 said:

My favorite:

Available from Mr. Joel Hooks @ https://www.banjothimble.com/shop/banjo-tailpieces.html

CE Music has a few types, like this Weaver-looking thingy: http://cliffordessex.net/index.php?_a=viewProd&productId=1222

Hi Joel - yes, the COVID crisis is causing all sorts of disruption - a thumbs-up for your hard work.  I am a health worker so keeping busy and adapting to remote working from home.  It was very nice to receive the latest ABF newsletter in the post yesterday and have a welcome tea-break.  I am a postal subscriber as I look forward to opening the envelope and seeing what is inside!  Interesting article on Horace Weston.

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