Beginners collection shifted from A notation to C...

I've been working on this for a while, off and on. It is from the 1886 "The National Banjo Method" by George C. Dobson. Old Geo. presented "A Collection of Pieces For The Beginner" on page 19 and I've taken the liberty of transmogrifying it into C notation for the modern beginner.

They're a group of short, pleasant pieces, graduated in difficulty. Many are old Stroke-style tunes (the first part of "Star Polka" stands out to me...I believe it is in the early Buckley book as "Railroad Polka"). These are not marked as to style but most may be played either way.

And...yes, I will present them in tab. Just haven't pushed that button on the software yet. I hope you like them!

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Thanks a bunch, Trapdoor!

I'm getting a new student in a couple of weeks. Might be exactly the right thing! Was planning on working with the Ellis tutor but this is also good stuff. Don't want to confuse an 11 year old with the different tunings right at the start... :-)

I like the Modulation Polka :-)


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