Hi y'all!

I recently received a small pile of banjo sheet music (ebay, of course) and have been going thru it. Although the lot had a good bit of mandolin stuff and some duplicates, much of it turned out to be banjo. Almost all of it is in A notation and in large format, so I can't scan it. I'll forward the good stuff to Joel for scanning, if he will.

"A Colored Promenade" was represented by two "Jacobs' Mandolin Orchestra" covers, one being Banjo 1 and 2 but the other included Banjo 3 and a Guitar part. I don't recall seeing one with a third banjo part...so, of course, I had to stuff it all in the computer and see how it sounds.

Actually a pretty nice piece, not all that difficult. Typical "March - Two Step" of the period. I couldn't help but think it needed a bottom end, so I wrote a Cello-Banjo part. I would be out of my depth to attempt a Banjeaurine or Piccolo part. I'll leave that up to somebody else to complete the orchestra.

So, go check it out in the Library and let me know what you think. You'll find C notation and tablature for all parts...and a mp3 sound file so you can hear all of them thumping away together.

Others in the queue:

"The Budding Rose", A. J. Weidt. I haven't seen this one in the Weidt lists...and it is a neat little Mazurka.

"Southern Aristocracy", Harry S. Six. Self published, a one-page solo.

"Minor Jig", W. D. Kenneth. Yet another Minor Jig!

"On the Mill Dam Galop", A. A. Babb. Ah, but this is the Banjeaurine part. I've transposed it to C notation so you don't have to take the ruler and tippex to the copy in the library.

"Flower Waltz", Walter Jacobs.

"Marion", Valse caprice, F. B. Smith. A Walter A. Norwood publication. Somebody liked this one, I suspect. The 'turning' page corners are all gone...and it is crumbling to dust as we speak.

"Student's Delight", Walter A Norwood. Self published.

"Galop Recherche", Paul Eno. I have a version of this partially complete...but I think somebody sent it to me as the format is odd (well, I didn't do it).

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Yeah! Send it to me, I’ll scan it.  We got a large table scanner at work that is really fast.  I have not used it for music yet (been to busy with work stuff) but I’ve been needing an excuse.

I could also use my personal large table scanner, it is just a bit slower.

Catchy tune.

I haven't heard 'The Budding Rose' by AJ Weidt before - intriguing.

Thanks for this, your arrangement made me smile which is what I think most banjo music is supposed to do. A good example of why the banjo, and amateur music making, was so popular in days gone by.

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