Is there a photo of Vess that we have never seen in the video??

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The sound of this banjo reminds me of why, when I first heard old recordings of classic banjo, I thought it was being played with a flat hand and absolutely straight fingers banging on the strings. It's so percussive. 

As for the photo, which one do you mean? The guy with his hands in his pockets? Could be. The guy with hair parted in the middle holding a resonator banjo?  I don't think so.  The bear carrying a barber pole? Probably. ;-)

Do you mean the photo of the guy (possibly a clerk) standing in the doorway to a shoe store that is just before the guy sitting and holding a Weymann banjo?

I think it is just some random old timey photo.

The photo of Ossman about 44 seconds in has been circulating on the internet for some time; it originates from c. 1900 recording company promotional material. Is there another photo besides this?

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