Yesterday I received the sad news from his son, Huw. 
I am sure that many members of the Classic Banjo Group and players in the UK will remember Derek.
Dear sirs and lady's
It is with great sadness that I have to report the passing off my father. Dad passed away on Friday the 4th of August. At 3pm. All of us were by his side at the hospital till the end. He has left a very large hole in our lives. Dad still played the banjo at home for his own pleasure and enjoyed spending time with us his children and grand children. I'm very fortunate to have had this great man as my father and to be able to enjoy his music even though he has left us.
This was the reason for joining your group to let you know. If possible please let the other members of this group know.
Many thanks
Huw lillywhite

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RIP, Mr. Lillywhite. I'll have to go dig out my recording! I haven't heard it in years.

Sorry to hear that Derek Lillywhite has passed.  I have a copy of his album 'Banjo Reminiscences' which is great as it is all classic banjo (a rare thing) - I particularly enjoy his dramatic rendition of Dance Morisco, a tune from the Frank Bradbury book. 

I loved his tender approach to our music. He was a great restrained player, bringing out the nuances of a song in a softly, tenderly manner. I am saddened by his passing but his legacy will survive him. I have his album on vinyl and consider it one of my treasured albums. May your banjo ring eternally.

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