For the last few weeks I have been spending all my waking hours scanning and Photoshop processing yet MORE BMG magazines for the John Field BMG LIBRARY.

This batch of over 100 have been kindly loaned by Richard Ineson and my friend in Germany, Michael Reichenbach.  Thank you both so very much for supplying these magazines as I am sure that this is an amazing resource for those wanting information from the days when the Classic Banjo was King (It still is really!)

Some of the earlier magazines were in a fairly dire state, particularly those from the World War Two period when paper was both rationed and of inferior quality.  Scanning crumbly and brown pages with faded grey text is a challenge indeed!    Some magazines were missing front covers  and I have noted this on temporary covers that I have added. If anyone has copies of those magazines and is willing to scan front and back (two sides) please email me :

Good luck reading this lot... 103 magazines with each approximately 32 pages is almost 3300 pages.. all taking ages to scan and process !!!!!!!!!!

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Fantastic Ian . Thanks a lot

Many many thanks for putting this up for us all to look and read through Ian. Blumming Brilliant!!

Yes, many thanks for all your hard work, Ian.  It is really appreciated.  Also, thanks to all the kind BMG donors for sharing their copies.  

Amazing. Well done Ian! I halted my index of the music until the collection stabilizes a bit. I'll get back to it soon.

Thanks for the kind comments. I am so pleased that people do find them of interest.

Marc S., many of the 1930s mags have music supplements missing but, as has been mentioned before, most of the scores are available in the MUSIC LIBRARY anyway. I guess that after almost 100 years we are lucky to have as many magazines as we do! 

I did a quick count and we  now have around 470 editions so I have decided that I will have a break for Easter as I am really fed up with scanning ;-)

Happy Easter to all.

Wow...Okay, I may be gone some time...

Thanks, Ian. 

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