Is it possible to download songs from Classic_Banjo.ning?
I could not find an answer by searching the site. BanjoHangout allows downloads and I would like to download a song by Titanic.

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Hi Richard,

A song by "Titanic"?... I am not aware that we have any song by or about Titanic.. can you be more specific?

That would probably be Peter LaBau's, "Titanic String Band". Peter has a couple of neat youtube videos out. Not sure if they're part of the video library here though.

Yes, Peter would be happy to sell you a copy of his fantastic cd and you should buy it.

Now, there is the "White Star Line March" in the Van Eps book. That march predates the Titanic but they are connected-- sort of.

Titanic String Band with Peter La Bleu and Mitch Nolin is what I want to download. Is it possible to download songs from Classic Banjo? Occasionally a song catches my ear and I want to download it to see if I can figure out a tab for it to play. Banjo Hangout allows downloading and I wondered if Classic Banjo supports downloading?


We do not “automatically” allow any audio downloads as peformer’s permission has been granted to link their Youtube videos to our site, but not to distribute their audio tracks.  Regarding original cylinder or disc recordings these are widely available online to listen to as they are from our JUKEBOX and BANJO DJ on the MAIN page.  I have allowed downloads, from the MUSIC LIBRARY, of banjo scores, many with TAB.


You can use an online mp3 converter to make digital file of the audio portion of a Youtube video. Enter the Youtube URL in the little box and then from there downloads that file onto your computer.


Here is one link to an online converter that was kindly sent to me recently.


I am familiar with You Tube Converter. Just curious as to whether Classic Banjo allowed direct downloading. I can understand not allowing downloads of the performers music without their consent. Being a home player and far removed from being a professional I do appreciate those who upload their musical skills. Especially appreciate the time and effort you have devoted to creating and maintaining the site. At times many do not understand the volume of time to maintain a site like your. Again thanks.

Richard, it is true that there is tons of stuff to listen to and watch on the webs.

But-- Peter (and band) put a lot of work into his record and it shows!  His is a commercial recording done in a professional studio with high production value.  This is a product of much higher value and clarity than the average youtube video (except Ian's-- he's a pro all the way).

What do you have against supporting a fellow banjoist? Send the guy $15 (or whatever he charges) and buy it.  

I'd need to look but I think he even signed mine.

While you are at it, join the ABF.  They have sheet music for all the pieces he plays. The "Tubaphone Rag" is a great piece that I fumbled around with for a time.  He plays it flawlessly.

I agree with Joel, please support those who have spent an incredible amount of time and effort to produce commercial recordings.  I am a hobbyist and am delighted if someone enjoys one of my humble attempts, but those who produce items for distribution should be rewarded, or at least refunded for their efforts. 

Nowadays, with all the software openly available, even someone with little in the way of computer skills can find and copy both audio and video... but it doesn't mean that they should!

I remember William J Ball complaining that after being asked a mountain of questions by an admirer he was amazed that the person openly admitted that he had all Bill Ball's recordings...  that he had copied from a friend's copies!!

Freddie who run's the William J Ball website told me that since he posted a dozen or more videos of Bill playing a number of favourite solos his sales of Bill's CDs had dried up altogether! Freddie Determann is another person to support as the website    is a delight and has a host of interesting information about this great player, and has his CDs available for sale too !

I would not and never had pilfered anyone's tune without their permission. I do have quite a collection of Bluegrass, Classical on the Banjo, Classical, African, Mexican, Polish, Jazz, Blues, Pop and Rock in my CD collectlon. I wish I could afford all that I like but being retired prevents me from doing so just as it does to upgrading my Goodtime banjo. Some the players are generous enough to provide tabs for beginners like me to learn and progress. I do thank them and thank those who also post their tunes and respect their wishes not to be copied. That's the reason I asked if a tab was available. Maybe Santa will be extra generous. Thanks to all of you for posting.

Hi Richard,

I am confused now by what you were asking for.

Did you want "tunes" (ie music tracks to listen to) or "tunes" (ie the printed or written scores or TAB for the music)?

I think you know the answer for the former regarding audio downloads, but notated scores and TAB are widely available from us both from the MUSIC LIBRARY and by members kind donation!

Just wanted to know if a tab existed. The music is already on Classic Banjo. The best comparison I can offer is a link . Usually an old time tune is posted with a bit of informative history and a linked list of artists who have played the tune. Then the membership usually chimes in with their interpretations of the tune and some players including the tabs they have created. Some are players who have active bands and some just players who enjoy the banjo. I have found it an invaluable learning site for myself and sure of many other players. And I am at a disadvantage in not learning musical scores but starting with tablature...but will eventually tackle reading the musical scores.

Thanks to everyone uploading their songs as I appreciate their talents.

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