Shiver me timbers, mateys, and shake yer booties !!

Here's my transcription of "Dance of the Pirates", as played by Vess L. Ossman in the late 1890's, on the National Phonograph Co. (Edison) recording, which is here :

The piece was written by J.A. Silberberg. He was piano accompanist for Brooks and Denton, and occasionally, Ossman as well. Around 1900, M. Witmark & Sons published G.L. Lansing's banjo arrangement. A copy has yet to turn up.

Dots, TAB and digital playback are provided.

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Thank you Shawn. I don't think that I have heard this before.

I can't picture a band of cutthroat pirates dancing around to it but, not being a pirate, what do I know?

I will add it to the MUSIC LIBRARY later.

Pursuant to another recent discussion : maybe this 1890's composer wasn't thinking cutthroats; perhaps he had gay pirates in mind.

Pirates iz people. We really only know pirates from movies and books. If they're from Penzance, we know they can sing...

This is an unknown tune to me too. Thanks, Shawn!

 I have a few more obscure pieces transcribed, as well as familiar ones, if people are interested.

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