Does anybody know if Clifford Essex Music Co Ltd is still in business?  I have been trying to get in touch with them all week and can not get anybody to answer emails etc.  It is getting frustrating, then I thought perhaps they are no longer in business?  Their website seems normal and I got an email confirming a purchase I made, but nothing else.  Anybody know?

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Hello Everyone,

I picked up my tenor banjo about 15 minutes ago to play a tune and realised the head has split - probably because of all the hot weather we've had (and it is old).  I had a look online to try and order a calfskin head from Clifford Essex just now and the website seems to have gone offline.  The Facebook page is still there, but hasn't had anything posted on it since 2019. And then saw the above message.

Does anyone know if they're still operating, or if not where I can get good white calfskin for replacing the head?  I restored a zither banjo in 2020 and was very pleased with the head and advice they gave me. Many thanks,


I've bought 2 banjo bridges via their website in the last month with no problems.  I wonder if they are just slow to respond to emails....

I bought two downloads and have not gotten a link to download them. I found two email addresses for them and sent the emails to one and two to the other. No replies at all. I find it very strange and have ordered from them before with no issues. I hope all is well for them.

Last November I received a message from a site member informing me that, "the BMG is no longer being published (again) owing to the illness of the editor Clem Vickery".

I can only assume that this is the case and that it also is causing problems at Clifford Essex Music Ltd, which is  owned by Clem. I have not posted this before as I too noticed that the website (and the order from to subscribe to the BMG) still seem to be active.

If I get further details I will post the information on here.

Last October I bought one of their new replica Regal armrests.  I put it on my Professional and I like it a lot.

I have just been informed that Clem Vickery died in hospital on February 5th.  We will have to wait to see what happens to Clifford Essex Music.

My deepest sympathy goes to all his family.

That explains things then.  Thank you for the update and my sympathies to the friends and family of Clem Vickery.

That's very sad news.

I'm very sorry to hear that.  My condolences to Clem's family.

Very Sorry to hear about Clem passing, my condolences go to his family and friends, Keith

Very sorry to hear of the passing of Clem Vickery who i only met a few times over the years but we corresponded regularly when i was writing the 'From A Bath Chair' articles for his B.M.G. magazine. Clem was a fine banjo player and a joy to hear, he revived the CE. Co and B.M.G. about twenty years ago and maintained the high standards of the original company, his wife Jenny encouraged him in this project, I met her only once, she was a charming woman and sadly died a few years ago.

That is sad news.  Condolences to all his family and friends.

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