What is the best way to sell classic banjos ?

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Could you be more specific?  By "classic banjos" you mean???

First thing first, keep your day job.

If you are targeting the "classic banjo" market, the total number of players is likely less then 100 these days. 

Is this an estate/ collection liquidation?

i have a collection of 3 banjos i wish to sell. 1 x Emile Grimshaw plectrum banjo circa 1930, 1 x Leedy tenor banjo circa 1930, 1 x W. Lange plectrum banjo 1928.

I'm retired !

Four string banjos.  You best bet is to place classified adds on the Banjo Hangout it ebay 'em.

I cannot speak for all the members here, but I only play five string-- the focus of this site and what classic banjo is played on.

Roy, you could place a listing with this site for a small fee: http://www.banjoworld.de/Salesindex1.htm

There is also: http://www.findajo.co.uk/

Best Wishes


Joel Hooks said:

If you are targeting the "classic banjo" market, the total number of players is likely less then 100 these days. 

Really? You think there are fewer than 100 players of classic banjo left in the world?

I am not questioning your estimate; I am just surprised.

I just got started on Classic Banjo, and now I can sort of play through two simple tunes.... barely. Does that mean that even at that skill level I might be 1% of all the Classic Banjo players in the world?

The mind boggles.

I'm sure there are more that can play one or two pieces-- but people who use a proper classic banjo approach on nylon strings and identify themselves as such... yes.  Less than 100 practicing classic banjoists.

I would be very pleased to be proven wrong!

Let's take a role call...

Joel Hooks, present.

A 'role call?'

Marc Smith, 'gofer'.

Oh, and present. ;-)

I am following the classic banjo technique on my antique Fairbanks & Cole with Nylgut strings. But I am still a beginner, so I don't qualify as a "player" yet.

So, there's two of you so far.

Is it a *role* call because a *roll* call would be for bluegrass players whose right hand patterns are called rolls?  

Jody Stecher, here.

So, this would be a pick list?

Is that not the British spelling?
So far we have me, Brian, Marc S., and Jody.-- as of now you are 25% Brian.

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