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Hello out there

I have been interested in classic banjo for awhile now. Only know a few simple pieces, Spanish Fandango, Buckley's Copenhagen Reel etc. Bought the Chris Sands book a few years ago but it doesn't contain any beginner or intermediate tunes. I have been finger picking all along, bluegrass and various two and three finger styles but would like to learn more intermediate classic pieces. I'm not much for standard notation but learn tunes mostly by ear and tablature. I'm hoping this site can help me… Continue

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Whistling Rufus ; play with Pat

2nd banjo here , played by Pat _ 2004 ; regular key of C .

missing the click to start ; you can add one or just start after the intro .

RUFUS_02 patoune_Mp3.mp3

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Victor Talking Machine

I just got one of these off of eBay for $149 (MSRP is supposedly $500) it's a replica, I don't know who's making them, but it's a beauty.

I'm enjoying it immensely! I only have purchased one 78 record so far, of the great Vess L. Ossman (Yankee Land & Peter Piper banjo solos) & it did come with one with some unremarkable orchestra tunes on it.

Here are some recordings I did of the record.



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I was astounded to find in an antique book shop in Denver circa 1973 an extensive collection( over one hundred....spread all over the store) of Banjo sheet music dated 19th century...all notated in E and A and abounding in Gallops, Schottishes, Serenades, Minuets,etc...I had been playing banjo for 20 years before that and never heard that I can remember of classical banjo music, quartets, orchestras, etc. I, of course still have that amazing pile of sheet music...I should learn to transpose on… Continue

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