I was astounded to find in an antique book shop in Denver circa 1973 an extensive collection( over one hundred....spread all over the store) of Banjo sheet music dated 19th century...all notated in E and A and abounding in Gallops, Schottishes, Serenades, Minuets,etc...I had been playing banjo for 20 years before that and never heard that I can remember of classical banjo music, quartets, orchestras, etc. I, of course still have that amazing pile of sheet music...I should learn to transpose on sight or better yet learn to read in E and A. Since then I have dallied in it but not much time needing to perform other music. I'm back at it now...I have written several songs in my mussicals based on the melodies and excercises of the amazing Emile Grimshaw... I own four Stewarts one of which is a Lady Stewart- darling little thing that is my favorite..small head and short fingerboard. Also own two banjeurines - Thompson-Odell and Bacon and Day...I am delighted to find this site... after all I am a Union card carrying member and self-appointed President of THE BANJEURINE WORKERS OF AMERICA..
WARREN NELSON... warrennelson.com

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Comment by Carl Anderton on August 14, 2010 at 21:08
Great to have you here, Warren. A number of people here, myself included, would love to see your collection of music. Maybe if you could give us a list of titles?

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