I have been interested in classic banjo for awhile now. Only know a few simple pieces, Spanish Fandango, Buckley's Copenhagen Reel etc. Bought the Chris Sands book a few years ago but it doesn't contain any beginner or intermediate tunes. I have been finger picking all along, bluegrass and various two and three finger styles but would like to learn more intermediate classic pieces. I'm not much for standard notation but learn tunes mostly by ear and tablature. I'm hoping this site can help me expand my repertoire.
I have several banjos and play in many styles. I play a lot of melodic clawhammer and love to play jigs. I also write for the banjo and my other instrument,the button accordion. For the last few years I have been leaning many minstrel tunes and have explored banjo origins on Akonting and Ngoni. My instrument for classic playing is a 1925 Tubaphone pot with an Arthur Smith neck. I set it up with Chris Sands Medium gauge strings, a five footed minstrel bridge and no knot tail piece.
This is my first blog post ever so I will click on post and see what happens

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Comment by Trapdoor2 on August 25, 2010 at 15:35
Hi Rick, welcome!

You're starting in the right place here. Lots of info and resources here.

The first tune I recommend people (such as yourself) learn is "Sunflower Dance". It is one of the "standards." A TablEdit file is available from the classicbanjo.com site, you'll need the viewer to access it. If you want a .pdf copy, I can easily supply!
Comment by Joel Hooks on September 24, 2010 at 2:49

You should also read "The Banjo Philosophically" and "Observations on the Banjo and Banjo Playing," both by the great S. S. Stewart.

Free here...http://www.thejoelhooks.com/Site/Instruction_%26_Music_Collections....

While you are there, pick up your copy of the "bible" Frank B. Converse's Analytical Banjo Method, having that never hurt anyone.
Comment by rick ceballos on September 25, 2010 at 12:27
thanks for the great tip!

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