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Just to let you all know we are experiencing temporary problems with the our server and both my zither-banjo and my retrospective Clifford Essex site are off line at the moment.

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With a little help from my (UK) friends

I would like to identify this banjo i buyed from ebay in 2004 . It has the typical tension hoop + tailpiece on the tension hoop with 2 screws like the Clifford essex ; but i am not sure at all it is a CE .The pot is 10 inches . There is no brand or serial number ; just the name of the original owner . The metal parts are not nickel but chrome but i think it could have be done later

. there are the dots on each fret on the side of the neck like if the banjo was originally a fretless ' one… Continue

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Recent acquisitions...

Just thought I'd let y'all know what I got in the mail today from the estate of Z.M.Bickford. The seller seems to either enjoy classifying by publisher or perhaps Mr. Bickford simply had them filed that way. Anyway, the first set are published by Stephen Shepard, Patterson NJ (I had never heard of him). The first is 2 collections of "choice" banjo solos, all of which are 'single page' and all from ~1904-1914:

Book 1

Mazie Waltz (Shepard)

Three Star Schottische…


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