Paul Drapers recent video has given me the "classic banjo" bug... For fun, I've been watching different videos on Youtube for inspiration.. I can't find the name of this tune played by the one and only Old Cremona.

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I don't know the name of this Banjo Solo, but I love the comment that said this must be a fake because everyone knows they didn't have hats in the 19th century,

I'm pretty sure it is 'Lonestar Quickstep' (Goldby and Shephard) which is in Buehling's Folio 'Choice Music for Banjo and Banjeaurine'.  

Yes, it's funny how people got themselves in a twist re: 'is it fake or not?'  

I happen to own the book, so I checked it out. You're right, it is the lonestar quickstep! Thanks.

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