I had to do a factory reset on my tablet and wasn't able to save the Turner book. I have searched the archives but can't find it. Can someone please tell me where it is or post a link? Thanks.

Kind regards, Ian.

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If you use the "Search Classic-Banjo" search box, at the top RHS of the home page, and do a search for "jigs and hornpipes"  you will find Joel's post of December:


and the link is in there:


I hope this is what you need!


Hi Ian,

Thanks for that information. It isn't the one I'm looking for, but it is a good collection of tunes to work through.

The one that I lost has 60 pieces by Herbert Ellis and includes the 'Melon Jig' that Andy Chase recorded. I've googled it but can't find it.

Kind regards, Ian.

Cheers Joel.

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