This is my take on what is thought to be the earliest published example of Ragtime music. There is an arrangement by W.Tally in the library but there are significant differences between the two. I took mine from the original piano score which was in the key of G and like Tally, I arranged it in C. In bars 110 to the end, I've reversed the dotted notes to give it a bit of extra interest. I like this tune a lot, does anyone know of any original banjo recordings of it? Although this is thought to be the first published ragtime tune, in 1885, Krell published The Cakewalk Patrol which is on the way to being ragtime. I've all but finished my arrangement of it and it should be in the library soon. The score and midi are in the library...Steve.

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FWIW, here is the original banjo arrangement to compare to.  I tend to avoid the Tally arrangements.  Sadly they often have mistakes or are just incorrect.

Hi Joel, thanks for that, I believe that this has been recorded by FVE, do you have access to the recording?..many thanks..Steve.

Sorry, I don't have it.  I don't remember where I got this digital file either, I expect it was from a University website but many of those have gone behind password protection to access. 

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