This is a tour de force of a tune by Lincoln which trips along apace and is one of his first published compositions. It's described as a march/gallop and in my opinion, it has more than a hint of polka. There are some great bass solos which took some thought to arrange but I'm pleased with the result. In the 4th part, I've repeated the solos in both high and low octaves. I've added my usual annotation and this is definitely worth a listen and play. The score and midis are in the library.

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Well done!

E. T. Paull is well known to sheet music collectors for his lurid and colorful cover art. He was the first to use 5-color lithography on his sheets...and it is very collectible (read: expensive).

He specialized in 'programmatic' or 'descriptive' music that was arranged within reach of the amateur pianist. His own composition "Paul Revere's Ride" is often cited as one of his best. I think I have a tattered copy of "Chariot race or Ben Hur March" buried somewhere in the collection. I couldn't afford a nice copy!

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