An early composition from SLO and as would be expected, a very good one too. It follows the classic patrol format. I couldn't locate a score so I had to do this the hard way, directly from the screen on the Dorian Henry site using in parts, low tech pencil and paper. The score and midi are in the library...Steve.

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That was a huge amount of work Steve. Nice job. However, some inquiries may have saved you the trouble.

Ossman recorded this as a banjo solo in key of C, titled "Hot Stuff Patrol". The banjo score for "Hot Stuff Patrol" was published by Clifford Essex, also in key of C.  The title change was likely to avoid royalty obligations.

Hi Shawn, I do occasionally write arrangements of previously arranged tunes, I enjoy the challenge and I like to put my own four pence worth into the music. I've even considered the heresy of having a second look at some of the classics by Grimshaw et al and seeing what I could do with them....Steve.

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