This is a catchy novelty tune from the composer of Temptation Rag. It's something you wouldn't necessarily expect to hear arranged for banjo but I thought I'd see what I could make of it. The result is quite pleasing and the score and midi are in the library...Steve.

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Well done! I like Lodge's rags, they seem so typical of the era. You've made it sound like it was written for the banjo.

Hi Marc, Many thanks for your kind comment, I always try push what's possible for the banjo and try music that wouldn't normally be heard on it. I trust you're enjoying your retirement? I retired nearly 6 years ago and haven't been busier, I'm thinking of naming my car 'Granddad's Taxis'!...All the best, Steve.

I'm retired? ;-)

I've been so busy with moving the household to South Carolina that I hardly have felt it. Today I finally turned off all my 'wake up' alarms...another big step! Miz Diane has taken to calling me her "house husband" as I have now been burdened with all her chores (except laundry). Until she retires (Dec 31), I'll be butler, chauffeur, scullery-maid, cook and grounds-keeper...etc!

These next two months will be a little more difficult as all the instruments have been taken to SC, I've nothing here in AL to play! Next trip to SC will take the rest of my music room. Lots of boxes of sheet music...which get really heavy.

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