Today is Rocket's 11th birthday. Huzzah!

Rocket is our largest 4-legged child, a Pyrenees/English Sheepdog mix. He loves people, does not like other dogs.

In his honor (any port in a storm, of course), I give you "Rocket Breakdown" by J. W. Ball. No idea of who J. W. was, but the tune is a good one, somewhere between easy and intermediate. F to Dm to Bb. Good practice.

The dots appear to have come from a Turner least the font looks Turner-esque. I have taken the liberty of deleting converting the coda to a D.S. al Fine in the tab...same/same and it helps enlarge the print (which I need).

I hope you enjoy. Rocket got a Yak-cheese "churro" for his birthday snack. I don't think I'll taste test that one...

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Happy B-Day Rocket!!!

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