A nice looking Clifford Essex Regal is up for auction:


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I think £650 is a steal. Try getting a good quality  American banjo from that period for that price. No chance.

Rob MacKillop said:

Ian knows his banjos...it went for exactly £650. But who too? Not I. 

thereallyniceman said:

Lovely banjo, if a little rough round the edges and with a bit fingerboard wear... my guess is...  £650  


Ugh...I wrote too instead of to - I hate doing that!

I'm sort of in the look-out for an upgrade to my Clifford Essex Imperial and would also be interessted in opinions about the Weaver Banjo.

Rob MacKillop said:

By the way, what's the general opinion of the new Clifford Essex Weaver banjo that Clem put together?

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