I would like to tell members about the gut strings I've just had made. Is it permissible to provide the maker's details?

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Go ahead Ian. I have no objections and maybe it would help others looking for strings

Thanks Ian.

The strings are from Northern Renaissance Instruments in Manchester, England. The contact number is +44 (0)161 881 8134 and it was Bill that made the strings for me. The following details are from the invoice:

1st d string Low Twist Gut 18thou

2nd b string Low Twist Gut 20thou

3rd g string Low Twist Gut 22.5 thou

4th c string Close Wound Silver Plated Copper on Silk 43 thou

5th g string Low Twist Gut 18 thou

I had strings 1-4 made 90cm long for my banjo. The 5th can be made up to around 150cm and cut as required.

As a beginner to classic playing, I can't comment on how these strings compare to what else is available and being used by other players. However, I only use gut on my violins, my fretless tackhead and early flush fret banjos and this new set feels and sounds as good as I had hoped.

Bill was, as always extremely helpful and efficient and I can't recommend NRI highly enough.

Kind regards, Ian.

hello, is it possible to have guts strings for minstrel banjo? for tuning in .. d G D F # A?

Hi Anthony,

Yes, NRI made these:

1st a string Low Twist Gut 27 thou

2nd f# string Low Twist Gut 36 thou

3rd d string High Twist Gut 45 thou

4th a string Silver wound on silk 5.5 kg

5th d string Low Twist Gut 27 thou

I have one set tuned to d G D F# A and another set tuned to e A E G# B

Kind regards, Ian.

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