Miss Dixie (Corn Bread And Sugar Cane)(1909)...Frederick Wallace Hager (aka Haga)

I first posted this in 2015, it's a compilation of American popular songs and is one of the best I've heard of the genre. This is an enhanced arrangement that replaces the original, I've given it the full banjo treatment including all the usual banjo tricks and I've arranged the repeat of the last section as a bass solo. I've added plenty of fret numbers and position indicators to help navigate the score. 

It was recorded in 1907 by the Arthur Prior Band and can be heard on the following link.


The score runs to four pages and each section could be played as a stand alone solo. This a real banjo players piece and is well worth a look and listen. The score and midi are in the library...Steve.

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When I wrote this arrangement, I was unable locate a score and had to work from a midi consequently, although I recognise some of the tunes, I couldn't put a name to any of them. Could anyone make any suggestions?...Steve.

Hi Steve! I've missed your contributions since I've been away. This is a cracker indeed. Very banjoistic!

Some of the tunes are mere snippets, just a few notes from the original. They're just familiar enough to sit on the edge of my memory...I can almost sing the lyrics or fill in the rest of the melody...but I can't 'name that tune' (other than the obvious).

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