Mi Amada (My Beloved)..1914..Norman Leigh aka Arthur Cleveland Morse.

Given Carrie's recent interest in Latin influenced tunes, this one my be of interest to her. It's a delightful  composition with a classic habanera rhythm (think Carmen). Morse was best known for the music he wrote to accompany silent movies. It's described as Danza Del La Manola, Manola being old Spanish for a woman of the people. I've replaced the upper mordant symbols displayed on the piano score with triplets which are best played as slurs and snaps (hammer on and pull off) which the moderato tempo of the tune makes this reasonably easy to do....Steve.

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That's a great tune that I haven't heard before (I've saved it to my library) - now working on Sans-Souci!

Thanks Carrie, I look forward to your video of Sans Souci. These Latin uninfluenced tunes do suit the banjo very well...Steve.

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