Looking for Dance of the Spooks by Herbert Ellis TBB#401

I am always on the lookout for spooky/horror/supernatural themed banjo pieces.

I was looking over the Turner Banjo Budget list and ran across this title and was wondering if it was hiding in someone's stack out there.

Other titles that caught my attending that I would not mind playing through are...

#590 Mephisto Jig by Chas. Willoughby

#436 Witches Dance by Norton Greenop (I have the Witches Dance by Ellis, though not the complete published piece, from one of the folios-- and that is a very good piece that I have played at rallies).

#391 Danse du Diable by Ellis

#323 Ghost Dance by Folkstone

#45 Magic Spell Waltz by J. E. Henning 

I realize that these all might be stinkers but I would like to put on a presentation/concert at a Rally based on this kind of stuff.

It is also always a good thing to get pieces from the dusty stacks scanned. 

Thanks in advance for any help on these.

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Here is a sample ad for Ghost Dance by Folkstone.

Hi Joel, have you had a look at Spooky Spooks by Edward Claypoole?..I did an arrangement some time back and it's in the library. The midi doesn't do it justice as it makes it sound too mechanical but playing it sounds fine....Steve.

Thanks Steve, yeah you have done a number off these Halloween/horror themed pieces.  I also have a manuscript version of that Spooky Spooks done by Kenneth from the ABF library.

I've been collecting and looking for banjo specific compositions. If I get into piano rags than there is a huge body of this stuff.  There are also many early piano sheets like "Planchette Polka" and various other spiritualism or witch themed stuff.

But I've got to stay focused on banjo pieces. 

I have a pretty good stack of them but I am greedy and want them all.

I was able to track down one of the pieces in a JAT folio, "Mephisto Jig."  I'm not sure it is complete as I have discovered that many of these Album pieces have been abridged.

Still looking for the other pieces if anyone has them.


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