I've rearranged this score as I play it by adding dotted notes, I've not heard this for quite a few years  but from memory I think that this was how it went. I'm in the process of rewriting/rearranging most of my favourite tunes into more readable formats and I'll be posting more of them in the coming weeks/months.....Steve.

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Interesting tune, for sure. I had tabbed it out some years ago but never got around to sending it in to Ian. What I did was to make the system setting for "swing" to get more of that sort of a feel...although I doubt it has so much to feel "dotted".



I have no application that will play the .musx file you provided. Can you upload an .mp3?

Hi Marc, I attached the musx file in error.. here's the MP3..It's pretty close to your arrangement...Steve.


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