Big thanks to Joel who has just sent me the April 1904 BMG Magazine.

I have added this for download to the John Field BMG LIBRARY. 

These very old editions really are great! You almost feel that you are among people we now remember. Vess Ossman playing in London and John Pidoux in Birmingham along with Olly Oakley and Joe Morley.

Those were the days!   :-)

Keep the BMGs coming everyone.  

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A Joe Morley zither banjo solo!

Again, just incredible and a big THANK YOU to the both of you!

You are welcome Chris!  It is a nice little piece too.  Easy but musical.


Keep these old issues coming!

Ok, Ok, Ok!!!!!

As soon as I get  &15  15S  I'll buy a bloomin' Concert Grand before my next trip to Africa AND I'll learn some Bert Bassett tunes already.....


I am so pleased that the John Field BMG LIBRARY has aroused so much interest around the world!  I have received scans from all four corners of the globe :-)   Last week I received an email from Michael Reichenbach in Germany offering to help fill gaps in the LIBRARY.  Michael is a mandolin player and by sheer coincidence a few days before he mailed I had watched a Youtube video of him playing a piece that was so delightful that I momentarily considered buying a mandolin.

(has Mrsthereallyniceman stopped listening?...  as I am still thinking about buying one :-))

I have received the first batch of scans and added them to the LIBRARY.

Many thanks Michael and welcome to Classic Banjo Ning.

Yes, just wanted to thank you for all your hard work Ian.  Great to see a cover with Brenda Auden from Liverpool - I grew up on the Wirral which is just a hop over the Mersey river!  I recall a while ago you posted a crackly radio recording of her playing some tunes - she was ace! 

Hey Carrie,

I bet that Brenda Auden wouldn't be playing this on the BBC Radio Children's Hour nowadays!

BRENDA AUDEN on BBC RADIO Children’s Hour 1950

How times have changed.

Well... not with that title anyway.  Nothing wrong with the music.  And the performance has class.

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