I'm looking at a zither banjo which has a had a reset neck, and a higher bridge installed. Before I buy it, how easy or difficult is it to re-reset or un-reset it?! 

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The devolution of the banjo provides me with endless amusement.  

"Modern standards" means a smaller gamut of notes, less clarity of tone, less volume, and less fingerboard (reduced by a scoop).

Haha, I can hear Civil War era banjoists bemoaning "modern banjos": Too many notes! Too much volume! Too much clarity! Too many frets! 

And on it goes...

They called them "thin toned".

There you go. There is no one thing that is a banjo, and I hope there never is. 

My buddy swears his vintage Gibson mandolin sounded better after he accidentally backed his car over it... and of course after the repair that was done.  :-)

Pär Engstrand said:

There's also the theory that the old instruments sound so good just because they have been repaired so often....

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