This is the fourth of Fischler's tunes that I've arranged for banjo. It was mentioned by Marc in an earlier post and it is a delightful novelty rag in which Fischler has cleverly woven a number of Scottish airs into the composition. I've identified Annie Laurie and Bluebells of Scotland (Highland Laddie) as being among the mix, maybe someone could identify the others. It moves along at a sedate tempo and It's not too challenging to play, it's well a look and listen and is my current favourite. The score and midi are in the Library...Steve.

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Well done, Steve. Definitely a tuneful piece. I find that I am able to more easily play pieces that have recognizable bits, so anything that has "borrowed" melodies is going to be on my radar.

Thanks Marc, it's a good tune to play with some interesting syncopation. I've almost completed Chili Sauce Rag, another goody from Fischler, I'll be posting it over the next few days...Steve.

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