There was recent discussion about the Joe Morley scores available in our MUSIC LIBRARY.

I have just added the score, with piano and 2nd banjo parts  for "Festival" by Morley.

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Nice! I was surprised by the look of the typeset and it turns out it was published by Essex & Cammeyer, must be one of his early works. It includes a good amount of position work, though, so I wonder if he'd already made the switch to a fretted banjo.

Festival certainly looks like an early piece, and sounds like one too.  Festival and Felicita both seem to be early rather late, and I wonder if Joe had had them in his bottom draw until Essex came along and presented an opportunity to publish.  These will eventually be put on to the library of Joe's works (I am just doing Festival, and have finished Felicita).

Are there any Morley songs that you don't have? I may have some but I don't want to make arrangements for any songs that you two fine and upstanding gentlemen are working on.

Hal, I am working through Essex published pieces at the moment, and these seem to have come out alphabetically.  Georgian medley is current, Georgian Breeze is next followed by Gold diggers. I think I have most of the pieces from G-Z, but inevitably some are available as a solo, and some unpublished works have already and quite recently, been dealt with very well by ABF. I guess that I have another 60 or so to do, which means that I am over half way.

Some pieces are proving difficult, for instance Ethiopian Mardi Gras and Rayon d'Or, but they will turn up somewhere eventually, if they exist.

I am finding this venture very rewarding.  There are some pieces which have deservedly been consigned to oblivion, but some forgotten gems have come to light too, Kentucky Parade, Mandy's Wedding, Mountaineers's March and (improbably) Gavotte-[not Gavotte de Concert but the Bach inspired piece).

I hope you are finding the pieces as interesting as I am, and thank you for contacting.  We shall speak again.

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