approx 8 months into playing (or trying to play !) classic style I have come to the conclusion that my personal favourite jo is my mid 30s Vega Whyte Laydie and we are mated for life ! My first introduction to this style led me to buy the above named banjo, it is an 1890s CE weaver 11" pot and I just cannot love it in the same way that I love my Vegas (I have three !) is there any interest in these banjos ? is there a market for them ? should I just ebay it ? or just put it in the case and maybe one day we may appeal to each other ? I dont mind just keeping it, I do not need to sell, just wondering if there is likely to be somebody out there who could love this old jo ?

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Hi Nick, Have you got any photographs of the banjo please?

I could love almost any kind of jo.... :-)

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