There was some discussion a while ago about the banjo player Eddie Tobin. I have an old recording (1973) taken during a prolonged stay in the Adelaide Hospital. I became very good friends with Eddie, who sadly passed away during my stay there. He left me with great memories and a lovely recording of about 35 minutes of him playing on his Paragon banjo. I took this while we sat on our hospital beds. If anyone would like a copy I can forward it on.


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So, I spent a good part of the weekend working on "Return of The Regiment" because of listening to these recordings.  For some reason if did not stand out until now.  The trio is tricker than it should be.

I also enjoyed his treatment of "On the Mill Dam" galop.  It is a ABF group number that I thought to be just okay but he gave it such live I'll have to put some effort into it.  I can see why it sold so many copies of the sheet music.

Thanks again for sharing this stuff.  It is great playing!!

Hi John,

Please give me a call on (087) 254 2634 when you get a chance. Regards. Frank

I would most certainly like to have as much of Eddie as possible. I will digitally clean it up and put it on my Classic Banjo Radio Station for all to hear. Classic Banjo Radio

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