This was posted on the BHO.

It is a great recording.  It sounds like he is using "nail glides" (stroke style) at the beginning, but then goes into some blazing fast fingerstyle. I think it might be running a little slow at that.

In the article Dom Flemons says that it is from the Briggs Banjo Instructor.  It is clearly different.  What is strange about Dom's quote is that it is all wrong.  The year of publication, Tom Briggs' name... John Cohen pointed out that they might have misquoted him.

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Yah, I would say that the "John Briggs" is simply a misquote or a slip of the tongue on Dom's part. I imagine in a typical phone interview, I would have trouble getting everything right myself.

I'd agree that there are Stroke sections and Fingerstyle sections. Quite the player!

Pretty cool cylinder. Great find.

What fun!   I think it's possible that the entire first minute is stroke style.  As for the LA Times, they are not as bad as the NY Times in getting musical things wrong but their track record is not good. Nobody does any fact checking perhaps because it's "only banjo music" or "only" other musical genres that are neither classical nor money-producing, Gosh, on the recording the announcer can't even pronounce Los Angeles correctly. It's the city of *angels*, not of *angles".

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