I arranged this following a request from Ian. It's a very tuneful cakewalk and one of the few ragtime tunes written by a British composer. Thurban was born in London in 1874 and in the 15 years prior to WW1, he was violinist and leader of the Oxford music Hall orchestra. His music was recorded by a number of popular bands of the time including those of Sousa and Pryor.

I was unable to locate a score or midi and had transcribe it from the Dorian Henry Youtube recording using low tech pencil and paper and freeze frame. The original key was Eb, to get it to fit the banjo I've transposed it to G and moved around the octaves. The score and midi are in the library....Steve 

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This one is excellent. Of course, I had to go listen to the DorianHenry version...which always leads me down a fun trail of obscure rags..."The Ellington Two-step", "Peroxide Rag"...and this one (The Twirler). edit: I should make sure I look at what's already been done!

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