Cottonfield Capers (A Kentucky Coon Hop)...1901..Wm. Christopher O'Hare

This is my take on a tune that had previously been arranged by George Lansing, his arrangement in both A and C notation can be found in the library. I wrote my arrangement based around the piano score and I took a fresh look at it by adding some of my own embellishments and setting it in F/Dmin/Bb as my preferred key.  The result is a very tuneful and playable banjo solo that does differ from that written by Lansing. The score and midi are in the library...Steve.

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It is my observation that a lot of Lansing's work for Witmark was more or less phoned in.  He was one of a few people (including Fred Dunn and T Phillips) that they used to crank out banjo arrangements of most of the music they had rights to.

I get the impression that they would send him a pile of piano music with a deadline and we would sit down and rip out banjo versions.  Some are good, some are a bit flat, and some are unplayable. 

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