Reading through these BMG mags I came across the ads from the 50s for the CE footrest.

That reminded me of a previous discussion where Ian posted he has one.  Begging him for photos, which he sent, I decided that a nice piece of Birdseye maple I have should be turned into one.

I have tried one of those metal folding footstools off and on but l never liked that they are angled.  They also have no class.

Here is the prototype.

I had to change a few things.  The CE was too high for my liking at 5.25” tall, I made mine 4.75” high. I also did not have lumber on hand that was wide enough (or thick enough) for the top so mine is narrower.  Finally, instead of trying to locate the flat spring steel for the bottom leaf spring, I used two compression coil springs and fabricated a small brass cover.

As someone who does not just make one of something, I made two more.

Chances are very high that I will not make anymore of these.  There is no way that I could sell these for what I need to and pay myself minimum wage.  Heck, the hardware cost me $30 US.

I will offer the prototype and one of the others for sale and will have them at the ABF rally at the end of this month.  If there is no interest at the rally I will put them for sale online.

if you ever wanted a super cool footstool for banjo playing that is way overbuilt and classier than the junky metal ones, come to the ABF rally and get one.

I am extremely pleased with the design.  I also know fully well that these would be priced out of the market.  

Did I mention they are made of Birdseye maple?  Perfect to go with a FVE banjo (or any banjo).

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I've just been searching for the old footstool without success; since I don't play in public much anymore I use a volume of Jeffrey Archer novelettes which, with the pages taped round, I find is the ideal height for my leg, and the bright blue cover ensures that I don't trip over it as I stumble about the house. Other volumes worth considering are things by politicians, nice and thick and mostly unread. I'm going to keep on looking for the footstool as it will give me a new purpose in life, it must be somewhere, my wife and daughters keep tidying my stuff up and making everything neat and tidy and impossible to find.

Joel Hooks said:

Thanks again Richard.  I am starting to think that after the rally I just might make up a dozen of them and see what happens.

At this point in time China might cost more!  But I'd rather not get into politics here.

I would love to see your stool.

Richard William Ineson said:

Joel, you've made a fine job of reproducing the foot stools and you will have no trouble in selling them. People value craftsmanship and fine materials these days and $125 is not a bad price for the best on the market. Of course you could send the plans to China and see how much they will make them for. I would buy one but I've got another type of wooden footstool which has sentimental value I'll send you a photo of it .

Added tags to them last night.

Oh hell, now they're collectible! ;-)

Are you still after photos? I have one I can send pics if you like...yours looks great!

I'm now the happy owner of one of Joel's footstools. They're the perfect height for banjo playing and Joe Morley used one, so if you want to play like Joe you absolutely need one...

LOL. John, it sounds like Joel ought to seek an endorsement deal with Joe Morley!

"The Joel Hooks footrest is paranormally endorsed by the finest players who ever played. Spectrally enhanced, Joe's signature can be found by 'connecting the dots' among the birds-eyes in the maple."

Now, what did I do with my Ouija board? ;-)

Ha!  I am going to have a talking board laser etched on the top of them.  I will include a tiny planchette for getting lessons with past banjoists!

I think John meant that Morley used a footstool, not necessary one of mine.

I think I am going to go ahead and make 12 more and put them on my website, here, and BHO to see what happens.  They would be done for a couple of months though-- full schedule ahead for me.

Of course...but that didn't keep me from having fun with it.

Stash one away for me. I'll pick it up at my first rally! See if you can get Alf Wood to endorse mine...

Joel Hooks said:

I think John meant that Morley used a footstool, not necessary one of mine.

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