I have a really nice CE Professional that I would like to maybe sell .

Its the large rim model,in excellent condition,great classic style banjo.

it sounds amazing,deep and powerful sound,and im only prepared to part with it to help fund another purchase.

I'm asking $1500 AUD shipped

let me know if you want some photos,

regards ,skip

ps i also have an 11" CE special,with the wood tone ring,asking $1200 AUD

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Hi Skip,

What's the difference between a CE Pro and CE Special? Looks like the Pro has a scalloped tension hoop but otherwise it looks much like my Special.

the pro has a really deep(3.5inch) and large (12and 1/8)spunover rim,and different neck construction

The special i have is an odd one,it has the wooden tone ring,yet isnt branded special on the dowell,so i'm not sure of the model

Here's the Pro

and heres the special

Dang...two attributes I really like: 12"+ dia and deeeeep. Prob. would play an awesome 2nd. I imagine bass solos would growl menacingly. 

My "Special" is 3-1/8" deep and spun-over. Smaller dia though (22 frets).

I'd make an offer but Miz Diane would likely ship it back...with what's left of me in the same box. ;-)

ahh,gwaan,what,are you scared? you know you want it.....

(chicken noises etc)   :)

Of course I want it: I'm a banjo collector! ;-)

Miz Diane doesn't really scare me...but every time I buy another banjo she says, "So, how much can I get for it at an Estate sale?" =8^0

I am behind in my "points program" by several orders of magnitude after having purchased a 1955 Buick Roadmaster last year.


Great choice. A 50's classic that includes four mini banjo rims in both front quarter panels. Must be tough to keep it tuned. :-)).

(Sorry for the tangent, Skip, but from your avatar, I'd guess you're also a vintage car guy and OK  with it).


yep,i was a vintage car guy, thats my 1936 hudson terraplane ute.

Oohh, that is sweet.  My parent's best man had a Terraplane, and he taught his dog to sit on the running board next to the driver when he would drive through the suburbs of Chicago. 

Oh yeah, and love the CE Professional also!

Sold the Professional to Rafe Stefanini, he loves it.

Well done, Skip. Whew, that's a load off of my mind. Hopefully I'll stop having those nightmares now. ;-)

hmmm,now what other interesting banjos do i have for sale  that i can wave in front of you...?

Wave the Spencer if you still have it.

skip sail said:

hmmm,now what other interesting banjos do i have for sale  that i can wave in front of you...?

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