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A snippet of Bill Evans playing some Cammeyer on a Cammeyer ...


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Bill is one of my favorite banjoists. He borrowed my Flesher for a concert performance of classic-banjo tunes many years ago (2006?) when he couldn't bring his own classic-banjo. A versatile and sensitive performer...and a nice guy.

I also well remember him absolutely going crazy at a banjo camp in Tennessee because all the provided food was brown (Fried everything! Don't you guys eat salad or fruit!?! Ugh!). ;-)

That's my old Camm Vibrante Royal. It got stolen after a Secret Life Of Banjos gig. I think I wrote about it here when it happened. Eventually I got it back.  It had been through hell, probably spent a night or two in a damp vacant lot and maybe used as baseball bat or a bludgeon. Who knows what else.  The fingerboard was half off, the strings had been replaced by 5 steel strings all of the same diameter. The case was trashed forever.  Paul Hostetter did a superb job of restoration. He got is so it was as good as ever— but it was not the same.  Bill was looking for a high quality ZB for his solo banjo show and I had other viable zither-banjos so I sold it to him at cost (or maybe a small loss) and the rest is history, as they say.  I hope he's using the Aquila gut third string I put on there. 

I've never seen such a hairdo on Bill. I wonder if he changed clothes and hairstyle for each banjo video.....

My zither banjos doesn't sound anything like that! Or, wait, maybe it's me... :-)

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