This one has been in the hands of a couple of site members, but now it is MINE... ALL MINE ;-)

 An 11" Weaver with a spun over metal hoop, but unlike any other Weaver  that I have seen this one has a Maple, not rosewood neck!  

The birds eye maple looks beautiful and after a bit of engineering on some damaged tension nuts, it now looks like new and has that typical Weaver growl :-)  

This may be as the action is a bit low and that the strings are rattling slightly on the frets when the banjo is picked hard, but it is an easy fix...I hope !

This banjo only has 20 frets so top C lives on the vellum, but I will get used to it as C lived on the vellum on my CE Professional too  :-))

Go on tell me that it isn't a darling !

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Byooooytiful!  what happened to your Professional?

Beautiful banjo, Ian.  It looks to be in great condition and that maple wood is lovely.

both are beautiful & rare  .    CONGRATS , Ian

Beautiful banjo, the maple arm looks lovely. The boudoir grand also looks great, how does it compare to the Wood Hoop Special tone-wise? Looking forward to hearing them in action!

Hey, who plays a top C, right? :-)  

Another beauty. Wonderful that these are finding an appropriate home.

Another beautiful banjo, Ian. The birds' eye maple is really quite stunning. The tailpiece looks unique to me. Looks like it is held on with gut string. Again, a very nice find.

Thanks for the kind comments on the banjo. I really like the bird-eye maple. With a bit of effort it looks and feels factory fresh :-)

The rattling strings WAS an easy they weren't rattling on the frets at all.  When I replaced the strings I fed the strings down through the hole in the floating tailpiece .....

(Jackie: This tailpiece is the Alfred Weaver ebony floating tailpiece. All his earlier banjos had a tailpiece that tied on with gut as he believed it gave the banjo a better tone)

..... and then tied them...BUT I noticed that the tailpiece was very close to the vellum and the B string was rattling in the surface when the banjo was picked.  SO I re-tied the strings, this time feeding the strings UP from the underside when fitting and now the tailpiece sits 1/8" above the vellum surface and all the rattles and clatters have gone!!

Patrick,  What you don't get up to top C??   You have an oxygen mask like I do don't you?    :-o

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