Can anyone recommend any safe audio capture software so that I can capture audio from youtube etc via my sound card? I did look at Freecorder but it's apparently riddled with adware and there were many warnings to keep clear of it...many thanks Steve.

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Hi Steve, why capture audio when you can simply download the video and rip the audio out?  This online service also allows you to download the audio of a youtube video as an mp3 file without having to download or install any software:

I believe also offers this option:

I use this:

I don't know anything about sound cards. I just enter the url of the particular youtube video whose audio portion I want and I click to make an mp3 conversion. It takes a minute or two and then there is a notice that the conversion is complete.  Then I download it on my computer and it plays.


just add " link " in the URL  upside

for instance my last video


THEN PRESS enter ; and you have choice to upload , mp4 , flv , wave or some others regulars

Marc, I think this must be for videos that one posts. But if I want the audio from a video *not* posted by me this does not work when I try it. 

not at all , Jody ; this works for all the vidéos

if not working for you , it 's because a codec or a small Program is missing in your computer

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