Attn: Steve Harrison....Have You Done This One Yet?

Hi Steve-Thank you for all of your continued efforts....I'm looking forward to exploring all of your scores that you've arranged.

I searched here and did not find this "Alagazam" by Abe Holzmann, I think from 1902.  The orig is on the auction site now cheap.

I'm supposing any ink that flowed from Abe's pen onto staff paper is likely worth a try......


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Wow...thanks, Joel!

Sorry for the false alarm, Steve!

Hi Chris, I do occasionally do arrangements of tunes that have already been arranged by someone else. I like to bring some of my own ideas into them and add my own annotation. Whenever I do, I try to avoid looking at the other score. You can never have enough arrangements of a good tune. I may yet have a look at this when time permits...Steve.

Thank you Joel !

I have added the score to the MUSIC LIBRARY

Maybe we should avoid the "Humorous Darky Text" !!

I understand, Steve, and again, i appreciate all of your must be having fun doing this, but it does look like a lot of work as well....

Thanks, Ian!

Yeah Ian, when they put words to these they are TERRIBLE (and not just in the racist way-- they are just not good).

I have read the lyrics to Whistling Rufus-- bad.

I want to say I have found Darkies Dream once with lyrics added, also bad.

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