I have never ever seen this Olly Oakley photo before!

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Well spotted!  I do love Olly Oakley and there are only a handful of photographs of him available.  Can I also just say how generous it was for John Field to gift his BMG magazines to the Classic banjo community - and I can't imagine what a labour intensive business it was to scan them all into the computer.  So, thank you!  I am sitting up in bed with a coffee looking at a Roy Smeck edition when really I should be getting on with my 'Jobs' list :)  

Yes, thank you John and thank you Carrie for spotting the JOHN FIELD BMG LIBRARY. This is still in final testing and I will be releasing it to the unsuspecting world next week. :-)

Oh yes, the scanning as great fun !!!!!!!

Sorry if I've got in early before the launch - I can't believe you are scanning all these documents.  I am continually blown away by the generosity of the Classic banjo community.  

Also, how cool does William J Ball look on the cover of July 1970!  

Thanks for the kind comments, as it was just a 'bit' of work to create the LIBRARY !

You are also right, Carrie, about how standards have slipped.

Back in the good old days it was compulsory to wear a DJ and bow-tie when playing Classic Style, don't you know ?!   :-)

Also take a look here:  Click LINK:  George Morris

I notice that John Field was involved in this discussion too.

Could someone tell me what "L.R.A.M" means?

Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Music

here: https://www.ram.ac.uk/study/studying-at-the-academy/professional-de...

He was not just good at the banjo, but a clever clogs too ;-)

Joel, by coincidence I was just moving a few files around on the server and came across this:

William J Ball LRAM Interview

Ah!  Thanks Ian, I'll give the interview a listen this afternoon.

-Joel Hooks, C.B.N.W.C. (Classic Banjo Ning Website Contributor).

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